Helping care for child or teen when stressed and overhwhelmed

Reconnecting with Your Child: Tips for Strengthening Care and Bonding During Times of Stress

In a world bustling with social media influencers, a flurry of online content, and endless commitments, parents find themselves caught in the crossfire of emotions and the demanding challenges of modern life. Picture coming home after a draining day, only to be met by a child also on the edge. How do you respond when they shockingly express distress or harmful thoughts? Dive into our latest blog as we unravel the importance of taking your child’s words seriously, prioritizing self-care, and the power of heartfelt communication. Remember, you’re not in this alone, and help is just a call away.

patient talking with counselor about childhood traumas

How to Work Through Childhood Traumas

Childhood traumas can have long-lasting effects that create physical and mental illnesses such as PTSD, cognitive impairment, and self-destructive behaviors. Many adults will suppress a traumatic event from their past and not realize it affects them today. Sadly, more than 60% of US adults have experienced childhood traumas, with many stating they have experienced three…

woman sitting on floor need depression treatment

Signs You Should Seek Depression Treatment

Depression affects everyone no matter their age, sex, religion, or skin color. Many times, those who need depression treatment the most are the ones who do not realize they are depressed. A depression treatment program can help you understand where your depression is coming from and teach you healthy coping skills to stop negative thinking…

a woman maintains a health work life balance

Maintaining Work-Life Balance for Mental Health

Daily work stress is one of the most significant contributors to mental fatigue and other mental health-related issues. Finding the right work-life balance is crucial in staying mentally fit and focusing on the tasks at hand. If you are beginning to feel mentally tired and losing focus, a business therapy program can help keep you…

a pair holds hands and recognizes world suicide prevention day

Recognizing World Suicide Prevention Day in September

World Suicide Prevention Day started in 2003 and has been recognized every September 10th to bring awareness to the debilitating and sometimes deadly effects of mental health disorders. Millions of people suffer through mental health issues alone and never seek help either out of shame or a lack of available services. The best way to…

a woman knows she needs counseling for young adults

Finding a Therapist that Specializes in Young Adult Issues

Young adults can face difficult challenges as they go out and experience life’s firsts through college, a new job, and new relationships. If they do not have the mental skills necessary to face these challenges, minor problems can turn into significant issues if not addressed. Counseling for young adults can help your son or daughter…