Starting your own business comes with mixed emotions. While it’s certainly exciting, the process can also be overwhelming and make you feel apprehensive about your chances of success. As a small locally owned business, the experts at A Fresh Start Therapy know what you’re going through. If you need guidance to normalize what you’re experiencing to help you remain calm, business therapy at A Fresh Start Therapy can help.

The Goal of Business Therapy

Happy woman entrepreneur who underwent business therapy

In business, it’s essential to begin with the end goal in mind. That also proves true during business therapy. A Fresh Start Therapy collaborates with business-oriented entrepreneurs to help them accomplish business and personal goals during short-term, targeted sessions.

Stress is one of many barriers to entrepreneurial success. It can impact how you think and also negatively impact your company’s goals and objectives. As part of our comprehensive mental health and wellness services, our compassionate professionals can help you create a work-life balance that allows you to remain productive.

Solution-Oriented Business Therapy Sessions

At A Fresh Start Therapy, we’ve found that it’s beneficial to allow clients to vent about their business problems prior to creating a plan to address them. By vocalizing your fears and concerns about your start-up, our therapists are better equipped to help you find solutions. Through this process, therapists and clients collaborate to develop an effective and individualized action plan that can be utilized when drafting your business plan.

As a new business owner, we realize that your time is valuable. You may not always be able to make it into our office for an appointment. For this reason, A Fresh Start Therapy offers tele-therapy upon request. Keep in mind, however, that this option may not be available if you’re paying through insurance.

Helping Our Clients Achieve Optimal Mental Health and Wellness

Located in Washington, D.C., A Fresh Start Therapy provides a welcoming therapeutic environment for clients in search of self-improvement. Along with solution-oriented business therapy for entrepreneurs, we also offer additional services and programs, including:

A Fresh Start Therapy works with most national insurance providers. Additionally, we offer convenient and affordable self-pay options.

Taking on the task of creating a start-up can be a challenge. Don’t let the prospect of starting a new business make you neglect your mental health and well-being. Call the professionals at A Fresh Start Therapy today at 855.325.3909.