young adult therapy programIn today’s society, young adults in the Maryland and D.C. area face unique challenges. Whether you’re struggling to keep up with a rigorous academic curriculum, trying to start your own business or even looking to land a part-time job, life can be stressful. Mental health issues can make things even tougher. If you find yourself struggling to cope with the societal pressures of being a millennial, the key to turning things around could be the young adult therapy program at A Fresh Start Therapy, locally owned and operated in Washington D.C.

College Stress

Your college years are undoubtedly pressure-packed. Not only are you buried in academic work, but you’re also trying to balance a healthy social life while attempting to set yourself up for life after school. Expectations and uncertainty can easily weigh you down. As part of our young adult program, our clinical professionals can teach you how to effectively cope with stress while helping you stay motivated.

Finding a Job

The job-hunting process can be extremely stressful. You’ve filled out dozens of applications and distributed your resume to different businesses, but you still haven’t found anything. Not only can this cause varying degrees of financial stress, but it can also make you question your abilities and self-worth. Professionals at A Fresh Start Therapy can provide life coaching and vocational guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Starting a Business

If you’re a millennial with an entrepreneurial spirit, starting a business can be exciting. Unfortunately, it also introduces new-found stress into your life. If you’re not mentally equipped to deal with the constant uncertainty, it’ll be difficult to get your business off the ground. Our young adult program helps individuals address their insecurities and find the confidence to succeed.

How Our Young Adult Therapy Program Promotes Overall Wellness

Regardless of your situation, A Fresh Start Therapy is ready and willing to help young adults overcome their mental and behavioral health concerns, including:

  • Employment and academic challenges
  • Depression symptoms
  • Various mood disorders
  • Healthy eating concerns
  • Grief
  • Peer and domestic relationships

Don’t wait to get help for your mental health issues. Contact us at 855.325.3909 to learn more about A Fresh Start Therapy today.